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December 2, 2012
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MAGE - Dianthus Petere Really Long Name Clemens by Manyan MAGE - Dianthus Petere Really Long Name Clemens by Manyan



thank you remi! :icontearplz: ajdlshfksf i'll paint over this properly/add the details/fix anatomy when i'm done with finals and everything else ljkdfadskjf
i'm so...sorry for my lack of skills when it comes to design and color palettes. running on sleeplessness lkjadf

Name: Dianthus "Petere" Clemens [ Or just Dianthus. //ming3. Responds to any three. ]
Age: 8 / 17
Gender: Male
Height: 4'5" / 5'10"
Mage Type: Mature

Mage Item/Weapon:
(Extremely) Floral Handkerchief - A plain, cheap handkerchief with floral patterns all over it.

(Extremely) Floral...Cape...Thing - A tough mess of foliage with assorted blossoms sprouting all over it. The flowers are fewer at the beginning of transformation, but bloom and multiply in number as time goes on/as he uses up his potential and magic. When his magic is 'up', it'll basically be a whole thing of petals that won't do jack shit but maybe blow around distractingly at most. If he's knocked out of his mage form, the flowers encase him and it's rather suffocating/constricting -- then they wither away to reveal his normal form. Weak to fire - while it itself does not 'burn up', it makes him 'burn magic' faster. Primarily a defensive tool.

Stats: Power (1+5) / Magic (40) / Potential (9) / Speed (30) / Luck (20)

Language of Flowers - He plucks up an unbloomed flower and tosses it in the air. It will bloom to reveal a red or white flower. He must snatch it quickly and then blow the petals toward the target. Strength of breath does not affect distance or potency.
Red - Offensive. Hardened, sharp petals lodge themselves into the target. 10% chance disorientate. (roll 1d10 for attack strength, MAG-based; 10 = disorientate)

White - Defensive heal. Heals target depending on how much Dian is willing to sacrifice -- a 100% heal requires 25% of his own health (p much 4:1 exchange rate). *** If target is above 80% health or Dian has under 30%, grants target a 'shield' of sorts effective for one medium-strength blow. Withers away after five minutes (one turn) if unused. If strong attack, absorbs only some damage. Cannot be used on self.

Dropped - What a waste of a flower man. It'll just wither and die on the floor like a pitiful thing.

Heads or Tails for flower. Heads = red, Tails = white. Each time he tries it, a mass of flowers will blossom on his cape indicating 'used up' magic. Can do this ten times before he's done. When affected by fire, rate doubles. (Not sure if should make water halve the rate or if that would be too much hnng.)

*** Efficiency decreases 10% per level that the target is above his; increases 10% per level under his.

Tribute (Special) - Last resort. Flowers bloom and envelope him, making him immobile for the turn. Heads or tails for the blossoms to change into red or white. Leaves him unable to use magic and with a shitty cape that'll just disperse into fucking shoujo petals if it gets hit (aka no longer 'strong' enough to be a defensive tool) by second turn. He can still stagger around uselessly in Mage form, but he'll be pretty dang disorientated himself.
Red - Offensive. Flowers start to bloom on or around the target in the likeness of a casket spray. Takes one turn to fully bloom. By second turn, he has a chance of taking 10% of the target's HP*** and either dispersing the it equally to others around him (heads), or losing half of his own remaining HP in the backlash (tails).

White - Zaps him of his HP and disperses it to those around him plus gives them a 'shield' for five minutes/one turn. Gives him five minutes/one turn to hobble somewhere before knocking him out of Mage form and consciousness.

*** - Within +/-10 magic stat points of his level. The higher the target's points, the lower the damage output. Lower points = higher damage output.

Attacks mainly affected by magic stats.

Dian is generally an obedient boy to those older than him, but like many eight year-olds will still have his moments of rebellion. While he is overall honest and blunt with his thoughts, he is at the stage where he is learning to keep his mouth shut or letting slip a fib to cover up. A bad liar but not above trying to do something sneaky if temptation calls. While he is still a fairly naive and trusting child, he has his moments of skepticism like everyone else, but suspicions are easily pacified and forgotten. Asks a lot of questions like "why?", "how?", and "really?". Doesn't take being lied to well despite starting to lie himself. Jokes count as lies if he can't tell.

Gets frustrated when pieces of logic/belief conflict. Then again, this is about the age where things start conflicting a lot. Despite his frustrations, hypocrisy and conflicting traits/beliefs aren't a rare sight in himself. At the age where he's bent on trying to be more independent but still stuck seeking the approval of others, to be praised and to be accepted into the group. Doesn't want to be ostracized. Who does? Often trying to understand his role within a group of people.

While he is blunt with his thoughts, he does not always verbalize them. Blunt 'cause he doesn't know better. He's not an unhappy boy, but does not often wear a smile -- most times he looks off in thought. Short replies like "oh" indicate that. He likes to do things on his own, but when he gets anxious when alone for extended periods of time. Gets in quite the panic when things feel out of his control -- ends up unquestioningly obedient to whoever's there.

At the age where he's growing out of dumb things like "cooties", but when he's embarrassed, he'll probably pull out those immature concepts again. Seems to solidly believe in the typical "things for girls" and "things for boys" and other stereotypes, but some of his beliefs are contradictory to the conventional. Age differences are a big issue -- an older kid hanging out with him is fucking amazing man, but he also feels inferior. Afraid of looking like he's not good enough for them. ...Not above abusing his Mage transformation abilities to become 'older' for petty purposes. //ming. Someone should teach him self-control.

A sponge for learning, but there's a lot of noise in his head. It's weird being eight.

TL;DR a kid chasing his own tail in his an confusing balancing act of independence and social acceptance.

Mature form

Not much change. Minimal 'mental aging' -- still same mentality and knowledge/skill as his normal self. Changes like better hand-eye coordination etc ofc.

Major difference is he can think more clearly/the transformation rids him of 'the noise', therefore allowing him to focus more on ideas that he'd be usually quick to distract from, as well as articulate his thoughts better.

Less prone to panicking and more courageous; less prone to seeking approval for his actions therefore more independent thinking. Unfortunate that that 'approval' has to still hinder him via heads-tails.

+ Flowers
+ Cats, insects
+ Colorful things -- someone fix his drab closet pls
+ Balloons that float
+ Arts 'n shit. Includes music, dance, whatever.
+ Older kids who treat him like he's one of them/accepted into their circle
+ Dia > Dian
- Flowers -- mixed feelings
- Fish, broccoli
- Large pools of water! Can't swim.
- Heights. Can't fly.
- Balloons when they actually float away tho
- Solemn corpse parties (funerals).
- Surprises like jump scares and shit, sudden loud noises.
- When "Dian" is pronounced the way it is in "Dianthus" -- sounds like a girl's name yo. Prefers it to sound like "Dean" or something.

- Uses words improperly, messes them up ("Rain is a form of precipitation"-> "Rain is a form of participation").
- Bad at spelling (jfc tacks an extra E on his middle name), bad at drawing, alright at math and similar problem-solving.
- Enjoys more colorful, freer things, but feels obligated to wear duller, neater clothing... More grown up? Shrug.
- ...Actually quite the mess-maker. Good thing his tie is hidden because it's quite sloppily done.
- Out to try to impress older kids if they allow. Which is all of you. Gets a little shy/nervous after.
- *** When switching in and out of Mage form, experiences a brief moment of disorientation and occasionally nausea.

- (Backstory...mostly for self-reference.) && (Outfit ref)

References: [link] [link] [link] [link]

I'M SO SORRY I WROTE AN ESSAY :iconomgcryplz:
barfs on his nasty shoes i gotta fix that shit
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Leosword Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
I like the attention to detail, but the attacks this guy has leave a lot to be desired....
Manyan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
thanks for the feedback! yeah, i really need to work on skills... i'm not so great at coming up with stuff like that :iconomgcryplz:
Leosword Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
You know, I think I might have some attack skill ideas for this guy. If you're interested, are there any specifications I should know about for the attacks?
Manyan Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
sorry for my late reply! my inbox things sorta piled up and i'm going through them super slowly

but if you're still offering, i'd love to hear your ideas! :iconheblushplz:
i think frankly coming up with skills and attacks are my weakest point when writing characters..
not saying that the other points are strong yet, but i've seen myself grow a little bit in those areas...
except for skills! i'm still just as bad at writing skills as i was months ago :iconomgcryplz:

thanks again for your feedback earlier, and if you're still interested in sharing your ideas, i'd love to hear!
i likely won't be able to change them due to the rp group's rules, but if i save up to purchase an extra skill slot, i'll definitely take your words into consideration and credit you for your help :icongtthblushplz:

the information for the skills/etc are here: [link]

ofc no overpowering-- i think another thing that makes skills difficult for me is that i try too hard not to overpower while not underpowering...and just end up creating something really lame :iconomgcryplz:
Leosword Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Yes, I am still offering, but I need you to answer some questions first in order to narrow down the list of moves I've thought up that is plant based.

1. Greek, German, or Norse? (This will affect the power source of the magic as well as the name.)

2. What kind of flowers are on your character's cape exactly? Are they just some kind of rare, one-of-a-kind flower, and manifestation of your magical energy, or do they vary depending on your characters thoughts and emotions?

3. Would you like it to be a defensive or offensive attack?

4. If it is an offensive attack, would you like it to be a basic one or an ultimate attack (aka a finishing move.)?

Also, If you like which move I've selected, please tell other in your group about me, I'd be happy to help them too.
mellymerry Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
my beautiful half naked prince
Manyan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
my beautiful half naked melly :iconlazyshyplz:
mellymerry Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
milqo Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my my my
that is one beautiful man :iconfanboyingplz:
He reminds me of a greek god idek why but i love it
Manyan Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
SAMMY :iconsupertackleplz:

youre a beautiful :iconheblushplz:

thank you lkjhlakjsj yes i'm rather fond of the whole...loose flowy cloth thing they have going on in greek and egyptian stuff-- sorta just pull shit outta my ass that's inspired by that general feeling

i think...with 2/3 of my "fantasy" ocs' designs like that, it sorta shows... :iconomgcryplz:;;;
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